Wednesday, 11 January 2017

What's a Soulmate? by Lindsey Ouimet (Review)

  In a world of soulmates, Libby is pessimistic. She is not confident that she will ever meet hers and if she does, she is not confident that it will work out anyway. In Libby's universe, everybody can only see in black and white until they first meet their soulmate, and then their world bursts into brand-new and previously unseen colour. One day the most unexpected thing happens, Libby sees her soulmate... as he's walking right into jail in an orange jumpsuit. Faced with the enormity of what that could mean, Libby has to decide whether she will get involved or not with her imprisoned soulmate.
  What's a Soulmate was okay, there were things I really liked about it, and there were things I found dull or incomplete. Let's start with what I liked. Firstly, I liked the quirky nature of the main character Libby. Here odd persona was nice to read about and her approach to things was not always generic. I liked some of the moments shared between Libby and her father, soulmate and best friend. They genuinely seemed to be deep and meaningful. Now onto what I didn't like. There wasn't much, except that the ending of the novel was abrupt and did not have true deeply satisfying resolution between the characters. The story just seemed to end very abruptly. Ultimately, I give What's a Soulmate the rating of THREE AND A HALF STARS OUT OF FIVE!!!

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