Monday, 29 August 2016

Daemoneum (The Primordial Principles #2) by Laney McMann (Review)

    The second instalment of the Primordial Principles continues the story of Kade and Cole as they are on the run and are in hiding from the Daemoneum. After the events from the first book Kade is being hunted, but Cole and their friends refuse to let anything happen to her. Her unique self not only attracts negative attention from the demons, but also from the very people who are supposed to be the good guys.
    This book was meh. I was not very impressed by or invested in the story. The story seemed to be filled with pointless and boring details that slowed down the storytelling and made it hard for me to keep my attention on the plot. Romance wise, the novel was still pretty cute with Cole and Kade being perfectly in love. I did like most of moments between them, but they seemed to have too much back and forth that didn't further the plot in any way. I also found that the overuse of made up words that were long and complicated made it hard to follow what was going on and to adapt to the fictional universe. This also effected the readers ability to connect with the story and the characters inside it. I was unimpressed by this novel, even though I loved the previous book in the series and I give Daemoneum the rating of THREE STARS OUT OF FIVE!
*Advanced readers copy review* 

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