Friday, 6 May 2016

The Other Side Of Gravity (Oxygen #1) by Shelly Crane (Review)

     In a universe where humans had to flee earth for a new planet, The Other Side of Gravity takes you along on an adventure with Sophelia the slave and Maxton the illegal trader as they run from their corrupt government. In their world everything has price, from oxygen to gravity, and if you can't pay up, you face the consequences. Together Sophelia and Maxton will face the world together, and as they do so, spark change in the very world that hurt them both so much. 
     I enjoyed this novel. I found the romance between Sophelia and Maxton to be slow but fantastic. The relationship was not rushed, which made it feel that much more real. Character development wise, the book had very good characters, and some mediocre characters. The main characters were very well developed, but some of the secondary characters were not very concrete and solid. They were undeveloped and were not very rounded. In contrast, the plot was pretty well developed. I found the voice of the author to be strong and smooth, making for great reading. The concept for this novel was really interesting, mainly because it was different but came back to relevant world issues today. Overall, I enjoyed reading The Other Side of Gravity and give it the rating of FOUR OUT OF FIVE STARS!
*Advanced Readers Copy Review*

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