Monday, 15 February 2016

Future Shock by Elizabeth Briggs (Review)

    A riveting science fiction novel, Future Shock tinkers with the idea of what would happen if you can travel 30 years into your own future. Elena Martinez has an eidetic memory and has been enlisted by huge company known as Aether Corporation to travel to the future in a top secret mission. With her motley crew, Elena quickly realizes that everything is not as it seems. There is something mysterious going on that might get Elena and her team killed if she doesn't figure it out in 24 hours.
    I enjoyed Future Shock. There characters were unique and I got very invested in them pretty quickly. Their personalities were each distinct and interesting. Plot wise, the story was pretty good. It had its shinning moments that left me unable to put the book down. Although, there was also moments that were quite boring. I was pushed to tears towards the end of the novel, but I can't complain. It meant the story was written well enough for it to get me crying and invested. I give Future Shock FOUR OUT OF FIVE STARS!!!
*Advanced Readers Copy Review*

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