Saturday, 7 February 2015

Worlds Collide (Sunset Rising #2) by S.M. McEachern (Review)

    This post-apocalyptic action novel is the perfect sequel to Sunset Rising. In this intense world, Sunny's and Jack's intense adventures continues, but this time outside the Dome. After being told that the world outside was inhabitable their entire lives, Jack and Summer are extremely surprised to find out that that was a complete lie. Not only can humans survive outside the Dome, but they were already out there. 
   This novel was equally as intense and great as the first novel in the series and continues to hypnotize the readers. Worlds Collide draws the reader in and makes you feel for the extremely well developed characters. I do have one complaint, and that Summer and Jack seem to have inhuman endurance. It did take away some credibility of the characters, because in those moments they were not relateable. 
     I really do recommend the Sunset Rising series and give Worlds Collide the rating of FOUR OF OF FIVE STARS!

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