Monday, 7 July 2014

The Dollhouse Asylum by Mary Gray (review)

The beginning is totally crap, it’s a miracle I continued reading past it. I personally hated how unrealistic the main character, Cheyenne, is. She is all about boys, and is horrifically gullible. She is so unobservant and submissive it physically hurts to read. If there was a meaning or a moral to this story, I didn’t catch it. This novel consists of a monstrous psychopath for a villain, a weak willed “heroin”, twisted slight romance with the psychopath and Cheyenne, people renamed after romantic tragedies by the psychopath, the potential zombie apocalypse, horrifying tragedy, horror and suspenseful, and the tragic death of loved characters all though the story. This book is definitely not for the feign of heart. On the flip side, this story is captivating. I could not put it down. It was like watching a car wreck. Traumatizing, but you cannot look away. Depending on the person this book readers reaction can range from, “THAT WAS TERIBLE!!” to “I kinda liked it”. So personally, giving slack because I was pulled into the book. I give it two and a half stars.

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